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All the Things operates as a family business/partnership co-owned by married couple Julie and J.M. ‘Kevin’ Hamilton.

Julie is in charge of ‘all things creative’ e.g., sourcing, designing and creating products and art work, salvaging raw materials, acquiring inventory, merchandising, marketing, and social media.

Kevin is in charge of ‘all things crucial’ e.g., finances, accounting, technology and inventory management.

Julie has degrees in Art History and Education, as well as a diploma in applied museum studies. She relies on her background, experience and love of learning to assist her with the business. Julie is interested in items of yesteryear and enjoys antiquing, thrifting and rescuing what others might consider to be junk.

She has been dragging home ‘all the things’ for years, using her imagination and creativity to see the hidden value of the overlooked, broken and discarded. Julie appreciates craftsmanship and traditional ways, and is influenced by these philosophies in her design choices (along with a weird sense of humour).

J.M. ‘Kevin’ Hamilton – ‘All Things Crucial’
Kevin has a background in aviation and administration. He maintains a strong interest in history balanced with the recognition of the importance of regulating structures. He was raised in eastern Ontario and has extensive local knowledge. His role will be in maintaining the foundations on which All the Things is based to ensure its success.

As their retail store is physically attached to their home you may also occasionally see Julie and Kevin’s 3 children around and about. Staying true to a family business, a small section of the store is reserved for the kids to sell items of their own creation.

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